The Kennedy Dining Room is a non-profit entity, attached to the Department of State of Puerto Rico and aimed at eradicating food insecurity in our country.

Chef Iván Clemente decides to found this initiative called EL KEDNEDY DINING ROOM 10 years ago. After traveling for 42 years to 76 countries, doing charitable social works and as an international conference against social inequality. He has fought hunger in children, the elderly and indigenous peoples. These populations are the most vulnerable in societies and the chef defends them with determination and firmness, since he has great respect and love for these marginalized groups.

After fighting hunger in so many towns, jungles and countries, his astonishment was greater when he discovered that the same problem exists on his native island of Puerto Rico. This is the task of investigating sociologically the reality of our children, the elderly and the needy.

The statistics that appear, of every 10 children in Puerto Rico, between 6 and 8 go to bed without eating any food; that is, 58% of those under 18 live in extreme poverty. For miles of these, their only meal is in the school canteen and on weekends they beg that classes don't end because they have nothing to eat in their homes. Also, the numbers show that between 6 and 8 out of 10 children received abuse, bullying and opt for sexual exchange because of hunger.

Today, miles of children eat and have hope thanks to the titanic work of chef Iván Clemente and his team of brave volunteers. In a decade of functions we have attended more than one million people for free, mostly children and the elderly, vulnerable populations of the world's societies and abandoned by their system. We currently feed a thousand children a month and two thousand elderly people in twenty-three points in the metropolitan area. Our hard work has allowed us to rescue more than two hundred children in street conditions.

In our last year and a half of management, we have added to our project the feeding of two thousand abandoned elders. During this period we have distributed 1,500,000 pounds of food to 900,700 people, mostly children. In fiscal year 2018-19 we packed and delivered in each operation of hope and faith more than 799,000 bags of food and supplies, and more than 4,000,000 bottles of water.

Food is a common good given freely by God for every being; No child deserves to go to bed without eating.

Ivan Clemente


- Prize for Excellence in Service to Neighbor Sister Isolina Ferré, Community Development.

- Presidential Medal House of Representatives Government of Puerto Rico, awarded by its president Hon. Carlos Johnny Méndez. Mr. Méndez said that during his time in office, he had never presented it.

- Changemaker Century Award Winner, Save the Children Foundation; First Puerto Rican winner with the aforementioned award.

Giving our island a good taste.

How to help?

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Feeding is more than providing food, it is overcoming obstacles, it is loving until you achieve modifications in your environment.

Ivan Clemente